Information for participants

Accommodation book the participants on their own.

Course venue
České Budějovice (official tourist information here) is a medium-sized town (approx. 100 000 inhabitants), 150 km south of Prague (2.5 hours of train trip, 2 hours by car). It's the most important town in the South Bohemia (but not from a tourist' perspective!). It has a rather nice historical center and a lot of ponds with nice cyanobacterial blooms surrounding.
Course will be held in campus of University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Science, Branišovská 31.

Participants may choose between two types of excursion:
The "Cultural trip": Visit of the famous medieval town and castle Český Krumlov listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The "Canoe Trip":An unforgettable canoe trip on the Vltava River from Český Krumlov castle to České Budějovice. It should take about six hours, requires moderate physical effort, capability of swimming, and will be rewarded by fantastic vistas on the valley of the Vltava River, Zlatá Koruna monastery, or a ruin of a medieval castle Dívčí Kámen.

The participants are advised to arrive at latest on 26. July during the afternoon. The course starts on 27. July and ends with a last lecture on 31. July.

Apply as soon as possible because the number of places is limited: we will be teaching in a microscopy room with 20 microscopes available.

We need to receive your payment before 5. July 2020. If you apply for the substantially lower early-payment rate, we need to have your payment before 15. May 2020.