The Conference Center is within walking distance (20 minutes) from the town center and most hotels. There are frequent busses between the town center and the University (conference center).

Map of Conference Center and Student Dormitories

Address of the Conference Center:

University of South Bohemia
Branisovska 31,
370 05 Ceske Budejovice

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City map Map of Campus Conference Center Conference Center Conference Center Acad. of Science Acad. of Science


To get an idea about location of Ceske Budejovice you can use the Google Maps link above. You can change the scale to see more or less details.

By Air

The nearest international airport in the Czech Republic is Prague (160 km north). Another option is Vienna in Austria (210 km to the east), there are also some European flights to Linz (100 km south). For people travelling further by public transport we would recommend to fly to Prague. People renting a car at the airport can choose the most convenient one based on flight connections.

By Bus or Train

You can find the best connection using IDOS system. Change to English version first. Your destination is Ceske Budejovice, try to mark direct connections only in the form first.

By car

For driving directions you can use the routeplanner.

Public Transport

Public Transport from Prague Airport to Ceske Budejovice
At Prague Airport you can buy a ticket for public transport for 20 CZK at a news-stand. Take a bus (line 119, every 10 minutes) to the Dejvicka Terminal. Here you will switch to subway A line (green), go to Muzeum station, switch to subway C line (red) and go one station to Hlavni nadrazi (Central station). For the bus terminal to Ceske Budejovice continue by C line to Roztyly station. The journey should take around 1 hour. You should find direct connections for both bus and train to Ceske Budejovice. The Journey should take 2-3 hours.

Due to an extensive reconstruction of the Prague Main railway station (Hlavni nadrazi) some EuroCity trains from Germany scheduled to stop at Prague Main railway station will stop at railway station Holesovice from June, 30th till September 6th. These are from Berlin (EC 179) and from Ostseebad Binz (EC 371), in the opposite direction from Holesovice to Berlin and Hamburg (EC 176), Berlin (EC 178), Dresden, Leipzig and Basel (EN 352) and to Berlin and Amsterodam (EN 378). All passengers that use these trains and then continue to Ceske Budejovice have to change for Main railway station. They should use metro from Holesovice station to Hlavni nadrazi station and they do not need an extra printed ticket for metro since the train ticket will be valid for this transportation.

Public Transport in Ceske Budejovice
Trolley-bus stop is next to the bus terminal, across from the railway station. The line number 3 is going to the campus (Jihoceska Universita), it should take about 15 min. You will need a ticket for 12 CZK. A map of trolley bus lines is here

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