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South Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic bordering Austria and Germany to the south. It is a popular tourist destination with cities rich in architecture and culture and beautiful countryside covered in rugged hills. The Bohemian Forest boasts spectacular hiking and the travelers will find the towns filled with castles, Gothic churches, medieval monasteries, folk art, and many reminders from the Renaissance and Baroque eras of the past.

The metropolis of Southern Bohemia is the County Capital of České Budějovice. Aside from a number of remarkable monuments, the Downtown area with a beautiful square, which is a monument reserve, is worth visiting. Near České Budějovice, we can find the hamlet of Holašovice, of which the 22 homesteads around the little fishpond belong to the list of UNESCO monuments of cultural heritage.

The other unique objects of its kind are the Ohrada hunting residence and the manor in Hluboká nad Vltavou. We can find a manor and a castle in the town of Nové Hrady, another ones in the town of Týn nad Vltavou, or we can take a trip to Buškův Hamr, the functional forge from the 18th century, which is powered by water. The other important Southern Bohemian towns are Písek, in vicinity of which we can find the Zvíkov castle and the Orlík manor, and the Hussite town of Tábor with the historic center, the Hussite museum and the publicly accessible historic basement. The Chýnov caverns are located near Tábor, and the town of Bechyně is located in the other direction, where you can visit another manor.

The town of Český Krumlov is called a pearl of the Southern Bohemia. The historic center of the town was put on the list of UNESCO monuments of cultural heritage in 1992. The Český Krumlov manor, one of the biggest manors in Central Europe, stands out above the city.

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České Budějovice Hluboká castle Holašovice Holašovice Holašovice Nové Hrady Třeboň
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Český Krumlov Český Krumlov Tábor Orlík Zvíkov Šumava nat.park Šumava nat.park

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