Determination courses

Our laboratory has been organizing the Determination Course of Freshwater and Terrestrial Cyanobacteria for 15 years, we have also prepared the the Determination Course of Euglenoids for 2021. Our courses are focused on students, researchers and people working in the monitoring of quality of the environment. 

Determination Course of Freshwater and Terrestrial Cyanobacteria

the course will take place in 2025

Course is focused on determination of freshwater and terrestrial Cyanobacteria in context with modern taxonomical approaches. It consists of theoretical lectures of systematic classification, ecology and taxonomic criteria of Cyanobacteria, and of virtual microscopic sessions with practical identification. 

Determination Course of Euglenoids

the course will take place in 2024

Five-day course (or four-day webinar) focused on the determination of freshwater representatives of photosynthetic and colourless euglenoids especially from the European region together with common ubiquitous species. The course will consist of theoretical lectures focused on modern taxonomy based on the molecular-morphological data (polyphasic approach) together with ecological and biomonitoring connotations. Theory will be complemented by practical microscopy sessions. It is possible for the participants to bring their own samples or microphotographs of the species for identification. The course will contain a one-day excursion with sampling.